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Once you haved talked to our agent & have officially booked us for a date, here are some pertinent details to ensure a perfect night for your event (click on any of them to get more details!):

1. What ZARR provides to YOU

2. Power Requirements for our gear

3. Songlist

4. Input List (if you are hiring a 3rd party sound company)

5. Stage Plot (again, if you are hiring a 3rd party sound company)

6. Rider

7. Stage options



A friendly, mild-mannered group of 5 guys.

Professional on & off stage.

Easy to work with.

Lively, interactive, & gaudy on stage.

Grateful for the opportunity to play your event.

Focused on making your party a night to remember.


What's our most frequent compliment?  We "sound like the record".  We're not bragging...that's just what we've been told often.  Well, maybe we're bragging.  But our confidence means your peace of mind in knowing your people will have lots of FUN!

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