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We are Doctor Zarr's Amazing Funk Monster.  Together for 2 decades, playing 2 DIFFERENT decades worth of music (& then some), we have played literally 1,000's of shows.  We play em big & small - from surprise birthday parties, to annual corporate events (like cspire), to huge outdoor performances (the annual Shrimpfest in Gulf shores, AL).

We are a virtual BAND-IN-A-BOX.  We bring our own sound, lighting, & DJing (for in between sets) to the event.  We dress up in crazy clothes, & we fill the night with dance moves, crowd participation, & smiles everywhere.  We kiss little babies with more conviction than a politician, senior citizens clap to our tunes (though usually on counts 1 & 3), and all the ages in between are also attracted to the light-hearted, fun-filled mood we bring to the event.

If you are in need of a very professional, timely, fun band that everyone in your group will like (or at least LAUGH at), then Doctor Zarr is for you.  Repeat business is a HUGE percentage of our performances, meaning that once someone sees us, they hire us again (usually a LOT of times)!

All you need to provide us with is a stage (or no stage, if you don't mind us on the floor), & a performance time, & we handle the rest.  We can play anywhere from 1 to 4 hours,with minimal breaks.  Your friends & coworkers will applaud your will we!  We won't let ya down!

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