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Stage Options


ZARR is a "BAND-IN-A-BOX", meaning we have enough sound equipment & stage lighting for up to 200 guests Indoors and up to 100 guests Outdoors.  And if you have more guests than that, please speak to our sound engineer, Wes Bowers (901-292-3731), & he can arrange the perfect setup for your size show!  We can even provide DJing in between our sets for a nominal fee.


However, just like Legos don't come with a table to play on, we don't come with a stage in our trailer to play on.  We prefer (& we think you would prefer) to have a stage that we can perform on.  A good size would be 24' X 16' (1 stage segment is commonly 4' X 8' in dimension).  However, we can play on a bigger or smaller one.  Usually the bigger the stage, the bigger & better the show...people listen with their ears as WELL as their EYES!


Now if you want us to set up on the floor..well, we've done it before.  And we'll do it again.  But we think you get your most bang-for-the-buck with us on a stage.

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