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What happens the day of your event...

ZARR usually has a 3-hour setup rule.  We arrive 3 hours before showtime, setup in 1 hour, then we usually grab a bite to eat, then hang out in the dressing room you provide for us.  We've done over 1,000 shows, & our setup routine is much quicker & smoother than nearly any other band!


ZARR's performance time frame is anywhere from a 1 to 4 hour stretch.  If you want us to play 1 to 2 hours, then we play nonstop without any breaks.  If you want a 4 hour show, then we do 1 hour on, 1/2 hour off, back and forth.  DJing can be provided between sets (see below).


ZARR has wireless mics, & whenever you need us to make an announcement, we are more than happy to help out!  We can do it, and / or you are totally welcome to have whomever you wish from your own group come to the stage & make whatever announcements you need.  Mi mica es su mica.

ZARR is a "BAND-IN-A-BOX", meaning we have enough sound equipment & stage lighting for up to 200 guests Indoors and up to 100 guests Outdoors.  And if you have more guests than that, please speak to our sound engineer, Wes Bowers (901-292-3731), & he can arrange the perfect setup for your size show!  We can even provide DJing in between our sets for a nominal fee.


We do not provide a stage with which for us to play on.  The stage is optional - we CAN play on the ground.  However, if you provide a stage from another source (maybe you have 1 all ready at your venue!), then that brings a more "Rock n Roll Party" atmosphere to the show!  The floor is always an option, but only the front row of people will see us.  And usually by the end of the 1st set, people are standing right in front of the stage!  A typical size stage would be 24' wide X 16' deep.


At the end of the performance, Wes, our sound engineer, usually plays a couple songs DJ-style to fade out the night.  ZARR takes about an hour to an hour and a half to break our gear down & get it in our trailer.

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