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DZAFM Power Requirements


Our sound engineer, Wes Bowers, explains ZARR'S power requirements below to ensure enough power to light up the stage (literally) and fill your venue with party-pumping MUSIC!


If we tie into a single phase 220v Panel (I have the cabling and my own breakers) we generally pull around 100 Amps with the full PA and lighting system. 

If you are providing the circuits we need at least 5 strong separate 20 amp circuits (NO GFI PLEASE) we will still pull around 100 amp.


This is what a GFI circuit looks like and will generally be found in your bathroom or outside your home but it is not compatible with professional sound and lighting applications.

If you have any more questions please feel free to have the electrician call me directly.


Wes Bowers

(901) 292-3731

Thank you!

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